Ritmo’s smallest fusion equipments, the HEATERS, makes small diameter butt fusion projects simple. They are compact, lightweight, highly reliable, and rugged. The HEATERS requires only one operator and works in the most difficult conditions.

They are highly manageable thanks to the ergonomic handle, also very practical because, with the aid of three different types of support (standard fork - type, optional bench) you can work in optimum conditions at all the times. The high quality Teflon (PTFE) plate coating and the electronic thermoregulator for heater temperature adjustment , make the TP heating plates the fusion tolls for your fusion needs.

TP 125


  • Voltage 230
  • Power 700w
  • Temp 280
  • Size 140 x 50 x 410mm
  • Weight 2 kg


  • Pipe Welding